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Top 5 ideas for your bathroom redesign


Are you considering redesigning your Master Bathroom in 2014? Here are some “must haves” for your remodeling plan.


1. Lighting.


lighting pic



Have you decided what type of lighting you would like for your new Master Bathroom? Lighting is the first thing to consider when redesigning a bathroom. How much natural light do you have access to in your bathroom space? There are so many styles of lighting fixtures in all types of materials to suit your new bathroom. Make sure that lighting is discussed in your initial design planning. In a recent survey by houzz.com, 48% of those surveyed planned to include a window in their redesign plans to add more natural light.



2. Radiant Heated Flooring.

heated tile for bathroom pic

One of the easiest and most affordable features that you can add to a bathroom redesign is radiant heated flooring.  Stepping out of a hot shower onto cold tile flooring is never an enjoyable experience.  Once you experience radiant heated flooring you will never go back.



3. Steam showers.


steam shower

A steam shower is quite an elaborate upgrade for a master bathroom but studies show it can be well worth the expense and effort.  A steam shower brings many added health benefits including clearer skin, increased circulation, and stress release. Using a steam shower has even been shown to help boost metabolism. It is a luxury item that can make your master bathroom into your own personal spa.



4.  Body Sprays, Rain heads & Hand held water points.


body sprays

Combine all of these shower heads for the ultimate shower experience.  A rain head shower brings the luxurious experience of gentle cascading rain, while a hand held shower head with stronger pressure works well to rinse out shampoo. Body sprays expand the water coverage and create even more luxury to your shower.



5. Towel warmers.


Towel warmers 2



Heated towel racks are a must for any Northern Virginia bathroom renovation.  You will never regret the decision to include this simple detail as part of your bathroom renovations.  Especially in the winter months, coming out of a warm shower to a warm and toasty towel is a something that will never get old…or cold for that matter.


Spoil yourself in 2014 and redesign your master bathroom in style.  Along with adding value to your home, a bathroom redesign can make your house feel more like a home spa. Suncrest Builders would love to help you with the project.  Call us for a consultation, we’d love to help you bring more luxury into your home.


Suncrest Builders has been building and remodeling custom homes for more than 20 years.  Contact John Cantrall and his team for any home redesign project. Contact Suncrest Builders at (800) 975-7902 or email: john@yoursuncrest.com for a consultation.  You won’t be disappointed.


(pictures courtesy of houzz.com)



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