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At any given time there are thousands of homes on the market in Northern Virginia. You could choose from many different prices, locations, and neighborhoods. You could even choose to have a developer build you a home on an existing lot from some standardized blueprint. You have a lot of options.  But maybe those options are just not giving you what you are looking for in a new home.

There are plenty of homes out there that look like all the rest. You’ve seen those neighborhoods go up, they are quickly built and all look the same. They have the same appliances, same builder grade flooring and little to no customization. You might think that you have to settle for what’s out there.  Maybe the home doesn’t have the number of bedrooms you would like.  Maybe you want a mud room, or a customized office? That is where Suncrest comes in.  We don’t build the builder grade homes that all look the same.

At Suncrest Builders we build custom homes.  We take the time with our clients to build the home of their dreams.  Each one unique and different and exactly what our customers want. Our homes are not built with builder grade materials, but with materials that have been uniquely selected by our clients for their custom home.  Imagine having a home that you know your creativity laid every foundation, your ideas inspired every floor, and your passion built every wall. Imagine having a home that reflects every facet of your personality, a home that emulates your lifestyle, and a home that displays your individuality. We can do that and we have the experience to help consult you a long the way so you select the best materials for a home that will last and stay beautiful for years to come.

Maybe you would like the option to have a beautiful home while reducing your carbon footprint? When you build a custom home with Suncrest Builders, you will have access to a wealth of green possibilities from energy efficient appliances, to roofing, floors, and framing. Most builders do not offer the level of customization that we can offer to our home owners.

Suncrest Builders works passionately to create custom homes that are much more than standard. So why would you settle for a “run of the mill” house, when Suncrest can truly build you the home of your dreams!

Just take a moment to scroll through some of these pictures for inspiration.  Take a look at some of the dreams we have brought to life.



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