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Spring is here, and it is a fantastic time to redesign your kitchen.  Creating a kitchen with an open layout can help make your entire house feel bigger.  Your kitchen is the central part of your home.  It is where your family gathers and making sure that it feels open and spacious is vital.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Too many cooks in the kitchen”? Suncrest Builders creates kitchens that never feel as if there are too many cooks in the kitchen.  Keeping the aisles wide and making sure there is room to move is essential to designing a workable layout.

This kitchen has plenty of natural light from a large wall of windows that helps to open up the space. On a sunny day, the kitchen becomes a light and airy bright spot for this home.

natural light pic

This kitchen shows a wide aisle which allows plenty of room for multiple cooks.

wide aisles pic

Here is another kitchen that shows wide alleyways.  Making sure that your plan includes wide spaces and room to move round your kitchen is crucial to having a kitchen where you will want to spend your time.

wide aisles 2

Open shelving is another option that can open up your kitchen.  Many modern kitchen designs have open shelves above your counter tops or even below your counters, taking advantage of some space and allowing for extra storage.

open kitchen

Open shelving works extremely well to display decorative items  in this open kitchen that leads into a formal dining area.

open shelving

Paned window cabinets can also give a kitchen an open and inviting look.  They are perfect for displaying china and crystal and can make your kitchen feel larger.  This kitchen completes a wall with windows and then paned window cabinets.

window cabinets

Here is the same kitchen from a different angle.  This kitchen uses natural light and connects the windows with “windowed” cabinets.  This large spacious kitchen includes many spots for eating in.

windows and light

A well planned and thought out kitchen can become the showcase room in your house.  It is the perfect place to show off your culinary skills and host a dinner party.  Having bar seating can add to this effect and creating an inviting place to start the party. If your kitchen looks like this one, your guests may spend the entire evening in the kitchen!

Open Eat in Kitchen

There are many styles to choose from and many distinct looks for your kitchen, but starting with a professional design is the most influential factor for a successful kitchen redesign.  Suncrest Builders knows how to create a plan and execute it properly.  We have the resources and experience to make your investment well worth the effort.  Call us for a consultation and we can make your kitchen the place that guests and family will never want to leave.



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