Overall the process went very well.  I would definitely recommend John and Suncrest – as a matter of fact we already have.  Very close friends of ours living in a similar duplex in our neighborhood are just now starting their addition and are working with Suncrest, so we really do recommend working with John. - Angie’s List Member


My experience with Suncrest Builders Company has been excellent so far. We liked them the most out of the five or six companies that we had interviewed for this work. We interacted with John from the company and he has been so good; we loved him. He gave us a great estimate. Everything he has done so far has been on the mark. He was very down to earth. He explained how he plans to do the work. He was willing to work with our budget and some other issues we have. We would certainly consider contacting him in the future. - Angie’s List Member


We contacted Suncrest Builders (John Cantrall) when we received a positive recommendation from a neighbor. His price was by far the best we received (we interviewed approx. 5 other companies), and John impressed us immediately with his confidence that Suncrest could provide us with excellent design and quality for the right price. So far things have gone so well. We have the equivalent of a brand new house with a design that integrates well with our neighborhood and a really fantastic interior. John has worked with us throughout the process in an engaged and responsive way, always keeping in mind our project goals and often offering creative ideas/solutions as we proceed. - Angie’s List Member


Over a year of renovation and $500K later, we can say that overall it was an outstanding experience to work with Suncrest Builders. Suncrest has three traits that set it apart from other builders we have worked with. First, integrity. John Cantrall is completely honest, and we were always impressed by his integrity. John is meticulous in quoting and planning work. You can trust John with your money and with your home. Second, innovation. We ran into several unexpected problems during our renovation. Suncrest not only solved the problems, but came up with solutions that actually improved on our original plan. Third, artistry. Suncrest uses some very talented subcontractors. In particular, their kitchen and bath contractors are outstanding. Our new kitchen and our bathrooms rival those in high-end designer magazines, and frankly they are jaw-dropping. - Angie’s List Member


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