2 Car Garage Dimensions: the Minimum and the Average Ones for Us to Know About

Did you own more than one car? Of course, you will need garage to keep them save in, right? Speaking about garage, the kinds are often categorized depending on how much car fits in. The garage design is often called 2-car garage, 3-car garage, and so on. That being said, each one of them must have different dimensions. Even for 2 car garage dimensions, there are the minimum and the average ones. In this opportunity, let us tell you both of those dimensions for this very garage here.

2 Car Garage Dimensions

The Minimum Dimensions of 2-Car Garage

When you are tight on budget, you would want to go as minimalist as possible, right? If that is the case with you, you need to know the minimum dimensions of the garage. Speaking about that, we would tell it straight to you that you should at least make it as minimum as 20’x20’ dimension. It makes enough size for two small cars to fit in. That being said, there are few things that you should aware about it. Let us tell you so you can be more prepared about having such garage built then.

  1. Very Little Space for Knick Knacks

Very Little Space for Knick Knacks

As it was said before, we are talking about the minimum dimension of 2-car garage here. You should not expect it to be spacious to begin with. Without doubt, 2 small cars can fit in. However, you need to know that there will only be very little space for other things, like garden tools, workbench, and other accessories people used to store inside the garage. Just so you know, we inform it to you here. While it seems like drawback, you do get clean garage strictly for car only without extra knick knacks.

  1. 8’ Wide 2-Car Garage Doors Only

8’ Wide 2-Car Garage Doors Only

Just because the space inside is practically small, it does not mean that you will be compensated by getting wide two-car garage doors. For 20’x20’ dimension, you might have thought that you will get 9’ or 10’ door width, right? Unfortunately, you will have to bear with having 8’ width only. Extra foot can make difference though. You can use the mirrors when parking your car in. However, as long as you only need your cars to fit in, this minimal dimension is enough. Your cars will be safe inside too.

  1. Strict Space to Open Car Doors

Strict Space to Open Car Doors

With the cramped space that you get, there is possibility for the car door to hit the wall when you open it. You might even scratch it if you happen to do it in a hurry. Indeed, 2 car garage dimensions don’t offer that much space to move freely. Well, you can’t expect too much from minimalist garage. It is not like that you can’t open the door at all to get inside and outside. As long as you are careful, there is nothing to worry about damaging your car. It is still a good size of garage to keep cars safe.

The Average Dimensions of 2-Car Garage

The Average Dimensions of 2-Car Garage

If you think that you can’t deal with the minimum dimensions due to its cramped size, you can go with the average dimensions as long as you have a little bit more budget than the minimalist 2 car garage dimensions. Since the size is the concern here, we will talk about it more in detail in this opportunity. From the width to the length, there are more things to know about when it comes to the average dimensions of this garage kind. So, let’s just get down to it and make it clear here then.

  1. Extra Width to Get In and Out of Car

Extra Width to Get In and Out of Car

When it comes to garage dimensions, you need to consider the size of your own vehicle to find the best size of garage you need. Typically, cars are 6 to 6.5 feet wide. So, if we consider the two cars in, the width of 2 car garage dimensions should be more than 12 feet. We need to count the space to open the doors and possibly the extra stuff to have inside the garage other than the car itself as well. For that, we need as much as 22’ to 24’ width.

  1. More Length for the Cars to Fit Inside

More Length for the Cars to Fit Inside

If we consider the width of the car to estimate the width of ideal garage, we need to do the same with the length as well. As you might have known, cars are longer than wider. Sometimes, the gap between the two is obvious, and sometimes it is not. Basically, it depends on the car itself. However, if we have to do the estimation, the average length of 2 car garage should be 24’ long at minimum. The space to move around should be plenty.

  1. Additional Space for More Stuff Inside

Additional Space for More Stuff Inside

People don’t always have cars only inside their garage, you know. Other people might want to have workbench to tinker the car with. You might even want the space for bicycles to fit in too. For all of them to fit inside, we estimate that you will need up to 30’ length. Then, you will be able to freely move around and get things done. The average garage for 2 cars can be this big at most. It should be more than enough for homeowner to use, right?



Now that we have reached the end of this article, what do you think about what we have been talking about so far? 2 car garage dimensions do vary, but we can conclude that the minimum dimension is about 20’x20’. On the other hand, the average one could be either 24’x24’ or 24’x30’ at most. If you want everything to fit in and not just the two cars, the later is the choice. The former is of course for less knick knacks inside the garage with two cars in. Do pick the one you need the most.


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