10 Most Popular Furniture in the Raw Products

Furniture in the Raw was firstly opened in 1977. It is a family owned business located in Austin in Texas. Now, this becomes a leading online home design & furnishing store that sells stools, chairs, dining tables, bookcases, murphy beds, wood beds, and there are still many others. You can buy any wood furniture whether it is finished, unfinished or custom finished. So, if you are looking for wooden home furniture, you can buy it online from this store.

Top Products on Furniture in the Raw to Pick

Furniture in the Raw store sells various kinds of home furniture. You can choose the furniture based on the purposes such as dining, beds, etc. If you do not have any idea, you may need to consider the following top selling products.

  1. A America Sodo Solid Alder Panel Bed

A America Sodo Solid Alder Panel Bed

This bed comes with a versatile and transitional look. Besides that, it also comes with fresh modern lines. It is very durable because this is constructed from strong solid Alder wood. The style is pretty good because of its Sumatra Brown finish. The matching pieces are also attractive where all drawers come with full extension glides to make it easy to operate. If you are interested in it, you can buy it for 1,039.99 dollars.

  1. A America Sodo Storage Bed

A America Sodo Storage Bed

Still related to bed, many people also love this product. It belongs to the top options from Furniture in the Raw because of some reasons. This is made from solid wood and comes with Sumatra Brown stain. This features 2 big storage drawers. It is available in both King & Queen sizes. For the King Size, it comes in 85” x 59” x 91.75 whereas the Queen size comes in 66” x 59” x 91.75”.

  1. The Aztec Cabinet Bed

The Aztec Cabinet Bed

If you want a cabinet bed, this can be one of the best Furniture in the Raw products to consider. It is available in grey and espresso finishes. There, there are 3 handles available to choose. What makes it great is the 5 year protection which shows how it is really durable. However, it only comes in queen size. With memory foam mattress, this is perfectly comfortable. In addition, it also comes with removable & machine washable bamboo cover.

  1. Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds

This product includes premium mattress. This fold away bed is perfect for an instant bedroom. If you are interested, you can order it based on your desired size, finish, wood and hardware. So, the price is different from one to another depending on what you need. You can adjust your order to your own budget.

  1. 24 Inch Wide Arch-bold Arched Pine Bookcase w/ Doors

24 Inch Wide Arch-bold Arched Pine Bookcase Doors

For you who look for a bookcase, this one can really meet your needs. You can choose either unfinished options or the finished ones. It comes with adjustable shelves. Besides, this also provides extra storage with a pair of doors at the bottom section. If you are interested in this, you can buy it on Furniture in the Raw at 299.99 dollars.

  1. 120 Inch Extension Dining Table

120 Inch Extension Dining Table

The next furniture recommended to buy is this one. According to Furniture in the Raw review, this dining table really satisfies the customers. This dining table is appropriate for you who have a small dining room. The extension makes it able to hold more people for having dinner. Made from solid wood, this dining table is really beautiful. This can hold up to 12 adults if the leaves are extended. So, it can be used for big families, parties or entertaining. 1,299.99 dollars can be the reasonable price for this dining table product.

  1. Anacortes Ladderback Upholstered Side Chair

Anacortes Ladderback Upholstered Side Chair

This is a beautiful upholstered side chair that is made from solid rustic mahogany wood. It costs 219.99 dollars. This chair is very durable. Besides that, it also looks really exotic. So, this can be a perfect option for vintage industrial style. Then, this chair comes with multi-tone finish that looks really great.  For the dimension, it comes in 21 inch deep, 21 inch wide and 41 inch high. For the weight, it weighs 28 pounds. This is perfect to be paired with a rectangular table.

  1. Archbold Alder Shaker Chest Bed Tall

Archbold Alder Shaker Chest Bed Tall

This also becomes one of the most popular furniture products sold on Furniture in the Raw. It is priced at 2,499.99 dollars. With that price, this features three blanker drawers and also size small drawers. So, it is suitable for you who need extra storage in your bedroom. Made by American craftsmanship, it uses solid wood to optimize the durability. Besides that, it is available in either unfinished solid alder wood or stain finishes or Amish paint. In addition, it is also most chemically resistant so that it lasts longer. Anyway, buying this high quality furniture is really smart.

  1. 44 Inch Hampton X-Side TV Stand

44 Inch Hampton X-Side TV Stand

Furniture in the Raw prices are affordable enough including this TV stand. To optimize entertainment in your home, it will be a good idea for you to buy and apply this TV stand. It is not only large but also provides storage with 2 lower drawers. The X-sides also make it look more attractive. This furniture only costs 279.99 dollars. Made from solid Parawood, it is strong and also durable. You can paint it or stain it as you want. This is ideal for you who want to apply a large TV.

  1. Cape Cod Cabinet Bed

Cape Cod Cabinet Bed

Another most famous furniture product available on this store is Cape Cod Cabinet Bed. If you are looking for instant sleep solution, you can pay 2,399.99 dollars for this cabinet bed. It is available in espresso and Cojoba. For the guarantee, it offers 5 year protection. In relation to the size, it comes in queen size. The comfort is undoubted because it comes with high quality memory foam mattress. In addition, it also offers removable & washable mattress cover. Anyway, if you are interested in it, you can buy it on Furniture in the Raw.

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