10 Wonderful Options of Lift Top Coffee Table with Decent Feature Quality to Consider

When you sit on the sofa in the living room, sometimes you would want higher table to place your cup of coffee, right? If that is the case with you, you don’t have to actually buy higher coffee table. It won’t look good with the sofa since coffee table is typically as high as the seat of the sofa. However, there is lift top coffee table for you to consider. What can this particular coffee table do for you then? Let’s just get down to it and see here.

List of Best Quality Lift Top Coffee Tables

This table we are talking about here is just like many other coffee tables at first glance. However, there is something that makes it different than any others. It is about the lift top that is designed on the table. Simply put, you have the top that can be lifted upwards, offering higher level of it to put your stuff on. You can put it back when you don’t need such height. Here’re the options below then. See if you are interested in any of them.

1. HOMCOM 39” Coffee Table Desk

HOMCOM 39” Coffee Table Desk

From the image above, the coffee table looks normal. It is wooden rectangular with 4 legs. In itself, this coffee table is that of modern chic style. You get clean lines with neutral color of coffee woodgrain. But, try opening the top and you will get the top raised for higher table top to place your stuff on. This lift top low table also has hidden compartment right under the tabletop to store things.

2. HOMCOM 43” Modern Table Desk

HOMCOM 43” Modern Table Desk

This is unique coffee table we have here. Just like what you can expect from lift top coffee table, even this table offers you fully extending desk. While you can lift up the entire tabletop, this table has small part of it lifted upwards. Below it, there is hidden storage compartment. You can keep your knick knacks safely inside. Along with everything HOMCOM includes additional pull out drawer too.

3. Sauder Edge Water Coffee Table

Sauder Edge Water Coffee Table

We get estate black coffee table to take into account too here. Just like lift top tables in common, you get the entire tabletop lifted for higher level of surface. You don’t have to stack books to put your laptop to at least your chest level while sitting on sofa. Of course, there is storage compartment below it. However, this table is designed with 3 open shelves for more storage and even display too.

4. Ashley Furniture Woodboro Table

Ashley Furniture Woodboro Table

If you like crafted furniture, this table could be the choice for you. It might look like wooden chest at first. However, who could have thought that this table could be set like that in the image. From its look, this casual cocktail table has so much vintage character with antiqued hardware, oil-rubbed stain, and handsome crafting. This lift top coffee table has 4 drawers on front and 2 on its two sides.

5. Lift-Top Coffee Table in Cherry Finish

Lift-Top Coffee Table in Cherry Finish

Look at how nice this coffee table looks. It has sleek look with clean lines in cherry finish. It makes beautiful piece for contemporary home design. You can lift the top for higher surface and get to access the hidden storage compartment below it. It still has open bottom shelf to offer for extra space to store things. Not to mention, there are storage drawers in lowest part of this coffee table.

6. Sauder Carson Forge Coffee Table

Sauder Carson Forge Coffee Table

You’ve got to consider this option too. This is another table that has the look of wooden chest at first glance. Still, it looks nice with smooth surface and lines, and mahogany cherry finish. This wooden coffee table is of course designed with lift top. It can be lifted up and forward. You can then find the hidden storage beneath the top. Also, don’t forget that there are still open shelves for extra storage.

7. TANGKULA Coffee Table Lift Top

TANGKULA Coffee Table Lift Top

We must say this is modern looking coffee table to consider. Look at those sleek surface and real clean lines. The structure is compact. The texture is beautiful. It will do good job to highlight many rooms in your home. With the use of chipboard, solid wood, and metal, Tengkula designs this lift top coffee table with large storage space and 2 divided open shelves too. You won’t run out of storage.

8. Sauder Coffee Table Craftsman Oak

Sauder Coffee Table Craftsman Oak

Are you looking for rustic coffee table for rustic home design? If that is the case, this coffee table is the one for you. The basic structure design is not that much different from the previous table. It is compact and rectangular. It comes with lift top that can be lifted upwards and forwards. Below it, there is spacious hidden storage and you still get 2 open shelves below for extra space to store stuff.

9. LAZYMOON Lift Top Coffee Table Desk

LAZYMOON Lift Top Coffee Table Desk

Here is another coffee table of similar basic structure. However, what makes it different first is its glossy wooden look. It is daring and charming. It could make focal point in the living room if you so wanted. Of course, this table is functional in its design. The lift top for example, can be adjusted vertically. Between 19” and 25”, you can choose which height you find comfortably for your needs.

10. Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table Teak

Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table Teak

Even this lift top coffee table has more or less the similar design structure. However, it is still different product to offer. You get tabletop that can rises up forward, making it good table even to dine in the living room. Of course, there is hidden compartment and open bottom shelves. You get ample space to store your things in. With round edges, it offers safety. With solid wood legs, it offers stability and durability. It is nice choice, indeed. You won’t regret having this in your room for sure.

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