10 Luxury House Plans to Inspire Yourself for Planning the Luxury Home of Your Dream

Have you been dreaming of having luxury home to live in? For it to be the best home you can return to, there is a need for you to plan it out. If you don’t know anything about what to make for your floor plan, there is nothing wrong about taking inspiration from various luxury house plans. Basically, they vary in shape and size. However, even how you arrange the rooms in each floor varies from one to another as well. Let’ see more about it.

10 House Plans of Luxury Style to Choose

Speaking about house plan, luxury style is known for being the one you can expect everything from. Usually, home plan of this style is made into 2-story building. It might even be applied for more stories too. Sure, you will have to arrange the rooms in each floor, but let us give you the examples of how you can plan for the first floor below. Of course, they are that of different plans. So, everything would be different. Here we go.

1. The 3249 Square Foot Newhaven

The 3249 Square Foot Newhaven

The first one of luxury house plans we have here can be applied for 3000 to 3499 square footage of land. For luxury plan, it might be quite narrow property lot. However, it would make good exterior if you make the courtyard entrance tidy with lawn and use brick on the building exterior for elegance. The interior itself has generous amount of space to live in. There are roomy family room, state of the art kitchen, adjoining breakfast room, etc.

2. The 3793 Square Foot Pinehurst

The 3793 Square Foot Pinehurst

This Pinehurst house plan makes other choice to consider. Just like the first plan above, it is also one for 2-story house plan. While the first is vertical and higher, this one is just the opposite of it. Still, you will like how it blends classic and timeless architectural design elements for both the exterior and the interior. While exterior gets gorgeous mix of brick and cedar shakes, the interior is more like traditionally designed with modern touch.

3. The 3894 Square Foot Oglethorpe

The 3894 Square Foot Oglethorpe

We must say that this house plan is somewhere in between the first and the second plans above when it comes to how it is designed. Still, this house is planned differently than the others too. The exterior for example, is quite bold with classic arrangements, like board and batten, cedar shakes, stone work, and front porches. With this plan, you can have 4 bedrooms and 5 baths. We will still have future footage for new expansion.

4. The 3919 Square Foot Waterford

The 3919 Square Foot Waterford

If you have from 3500 to 3999 square foot land, it should be possible for you to dream of overflowing living space. The space itself makes it possible for us to accommodate up to 5 bedrooms and 4 plus baths. From the exterior, you get nice porch with double door entry, stacked stone wall, and beautiful gables. Meanwhile, this luxury interior plan has family room with column details and cool fireplace. You get breakfast room too.

5. The 3922 Square Foot Breckenridge

The 3922 Square Foot Breckenridge

It is other good example of luxury house plans to consider. Built into two-story building, this plan offers you commanding exterior and ample interior with unfinished basement foundation. The exterior features include beautiful brick walls, window dormers, substantial gables, and windows trimmed in lattice. The interior on the other hand, offers you open layout with 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3-car garage, and additional space to use.

6. The 4013 Square Foot Grove Park

The 4013 Square Foot Grove Park

If you have real spacious lot to build your home, this is might be the plan for you. We would say that this luxury floor plan has pretty much superior design elements put into the 2-story building idea. You will still have the space for unfinished basement foundation as well. It looks classic with brick exterior, but it has courtyard entryway, stone feature wall, etc. Even the interior is spacious enough for 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 3-car garage to fit.

7. The 4061 Square Foot Reynolds Plan

The 4061 Square Foot Reynolds Plan

We have other plan for vast lot here. This floor plan is designed to have lovely exterior to offer. Its design includes board and batten, stone and horizontal siding, arched openings, tapered beams, stacked stone pillars, and more. As for the interior, this luxury home plan allows 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 3-garage to fit in. Just as you step into the home, you will find open dining and family room, and double staircase to welcome you.

8. The 4083 Square Foot Shelton Plan

The 4083 Square Foot Shelton Plan

Putting the premier elements of American Gables Home Designs, this plan shows outstanding architectural design. The exterior consists of stone work, cedar shakes, great window elements, and large front porch. As for the interior, basically it could hold similar number of bedrooms, baths, and garage just like the others. It makes perfect choice of luxury house plans for family space that is entertaining yet private at the same time.

9. The 4096 Square Foot St Thomas

The 4096 Square Foot St Thomas

There is nothing better than pleasant home to live in, right? If such idea is the home of your dream, this plan might be the best for you. It designs the home with style and character, making it different than any others. The exterior offers visual pleasure while keeping balance of all elements, like brick details, exposed rafters, and horizontal siding. The interior is just as stunning to take into account too. You will get open feel from this home.

10. The 4226 Square Foot Kimball Pointe

The 4226 Square Foot Kimball Pointe

This is the largest kind of luxury house plans for the largest square footage of land we have here. Of course, what’s great is not just about the size of the land itself. The architectural design is strikingly beautiful with turret inspired walls. Through the two-story froyer, you enter the house and you will find the two-story great room, handsome fireplace, and built-in cabinetry. There is formal dining room with casual breakfast room as well here.

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