10 Ideas of Pole Barn House that Can Look Amazing Even with Their Traditional Style

Have you known about pole barn house before? It is actually the term used to refer to a house consisting of panels without foundation. Such house is typically supported by beams or poles strategically. While it might look like traditional barn, the interior is known to be entirely open for modifications. Let us give you some examples of both exterior and interior of such house that would look amazing with traditional style. Let’s get down to it and see if we can find something interesting.

1. Brown, Black House with Warm Air

Brown, Black House with Warm Air
There is nothing more relaxing and healthy than living surrounded by nature. If you want to live in such surroundings, barn house is good to go. However, we recommend you to choose pole barn type and have it designed like the image above. It is mainly in raw wood look, but blends perfectly with the nature. Add some black tone and you will feel how warm the home is. You can see the inside is pretty roomy too. You will surely feel cozy.

2. Big Barn Home with Front Fireplace

Big Barn Home with Front Fireplace
Barn house is typically big and open. You can see right through the inside due to the front glass wall. However, bigger house like what’s seen in the image above demands something that does not expose the front wall entirely yet still fitting to the theme. That is why we have the fireplace built in the middle but facing the front. It does not either cover the house or expose it wholly. This big barn home idea will make cool traditional home.

3. Black Barn Home with Modern Touch

Black Barn Home with Modern Touch
Sure, barn home is basically one with traditional look. However, you should know that you can make it look modern with some touch instead. Have the planks and pillars painted in black, then use glass walls. These should be enough to have some touch of modern details. Decorate the terrace with modern lounge chairs, but put the traditional ones inside. Add potted plants and lamps with yellow glow to finish the amazing look of the home.

4. Rustic Red Home with Wooden Pillars

Rustic Red Home with Wooden Pillars
Are you fond of rustic look that shows traditional style more? There is nothing wrong with that. This pole barn house for example, has that rough tone, especially on its wooden white pillars. You can make it all the more like barn home with red and black tones. Meanwhile, the pillars on the side do make it all the more spacious. However, the interior does not have to be that rustic. You can choose traditional decors with cleaner look than rustic.

5. Rustic Black Home with Modern Details

Rustic Black Home with Modern Details
There is more than one idea to make your barn home looking somewhat modern. This idea of pole barn house would do. It has low walls on its two sides. However, since there is no flat roof inside, it is big enough house to live in. Its espresso tone and little chimney above is what make it stay in its style. However, glass doors and interior decors are the ones to make it a bit more modern. You can add modern lounge chairs in the terrace too.

6. Cool Barndominium with Its Fixtures

Cool Barndominium with Its Fixtures
How about dominium in the barn style then? If that is the case, this pole barn house is one good idea for that. Why wouldn’t it be? It is built long instead of big and bulky. Also, there is less glass material used on its structure. However, the main structure with planks, chimney, and pillars remain the same. With grayish brown tone and light fixtures with yellow glow along the windows and corridors would make it look quite elegant for such home.

7. Beige Pole Barn Home with Big Tower

Barn home does not always one with single structure. Sometimes, one can be horizontally long or designed in L shape, depending on the needs. However, the one in the image above is pretty interesting. You have the usual design of barn home with plank walls and glass doors and windows. However, there is tower-like structure in the middle to note here. With beige tone as the others, it makes the entire home looking way quite grand.

8. Three-Story Mountain Pole Barn Home

Three-Story Mountain Pole Barn Home
Barn home design idea does not always have to be one with one floor and very spacious interior. You can make it into three-story home if you want. Take the image above as the inspiration then. It uses planks of wood and light fixtures to remain traditional in style. However, you get verandas, stairs, and unusually shaped roof above. The end result you get is amazingly great. You might never think traditional house could look like this.

9. Seaside, Gray Barn Home Design

Seaside, Gray Barn Home Design
Sure, you can always use the idea of pole barn home to realize seaside home. Even though barn is not usually there in the seaside, the sea is still part of nature. You just need to know how to make it fit the scenery. Green hill facing the ocean would be nice spot to build the home. Since the ocean is blue and the sky is white, you can lean to gray tone for the entire home. Have glass doors and windows and add flowerbeds to decorate it. Choose the same flowers that grow in its surroundings.

10. Non-Conformist, Pole Barn House

Non-Conformist, Pole Barn House
You don’t need to follow the usual standards to build pole barn house. This home idea for instance, is one with two floors instead of one big kind. You use the glass walls only for some part of the walls. This is unusual but unique at the same time. Still, the use of planks and wooden pillars remains the same too. It still blends very well with the nature with the use of brown tone and lamps with yellowish glow inside. Don’t you want to try realizing such home? It sure is worth your consideration

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