10 Choices of Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table to Add Rustic Touch for Your Home Design

When it comes to home design, home owners are free to go with any style. From rustic to futuristic, there is nothing wrong about going either way. Just because it is rustic, it does not mean your entire house will look wild and rough with it. Depending on the home design, reclaimed wood coffee table could make nice addition to even modern home style. It is rustic furniture we are talking about here.

10 Coffee Tables of Reclaimed Wood to Pick

There are many coffee tables sold out there. Even in itself, the ones made of reclaimed wood are there offering a great number of choices. Reclaimed wood material might be rescued from old buildings, but the rustic look the furniture gets from it could fit in the room nicely. That said, we need to find the right table first beforehand. Here, let us suggest you with the best ones there are.

  1. Ashley Mestler Casual Side End Table

Ashley Mestler Casual Side End Table

Coming from Ashley Furniture, this coffee table is designed with 2 slatted lower fixed shelves. The shelves make perfect place to keep books and magazines. Also, this furniture has sculpted edge details too, making it looking chic in vintage style. It is crafted from materials, like veneers, wood, and manmade wood. The edge got the finish applied by hand with multi tonal shelves. This reclaimed wood coffee table is worth the pick.

  1. Monarch Specialties Accent Side Table

Monarch Specialties Accent Side Table

This reclaimed accent coffee table makes good choice next. The table design is the main focus here. It is so unique with 7 open display shelves in 3-tiered design. Standing the books up and stacking them along with items, like vase, potted flower and framed photo could look like an art. It is finished in dark taupe, but it can give a touch of warm look in your living room at home. Coffee table does not have to be either square or rectangular.

  1. Simple Living Products Urban Table

Simple Living Products Urban Table

Of course, there are the kinds with rectangular design, but it does not have to look so ordinary. This Simple Living urban coffee table for example, is designed with 3 open shelves; 1 big shelf under the tabletop and 2 smaller shelves in 2-tiered side of the table. The company makes sure to use PVC laminate and particle board, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. It’s got white finish, making it perfect to soften living room décor.

  1. Tangkula 26” Heavy Duty Snack Table

Tangkula 26” Heavy Duty Snack Table

This coffee table is different in itself too. As you can see, it is couch stand C table type. With C structure, the flat legs below could slip between the legs of the couch while the tabletop goes closer to you. The wood material is for the tabletop, and you get the metal as the support. There is no need to worry. This reclaimed wood coffee table is made sturdy and durable. It is anti scratch and even rust free as well. You need to consider this one.

  1. Charlton Home Coffee Table Furniture

Charlton Home Coffee Table Furniture

How about going for round design? This reclaimed table furniture could make good choice for your home design. The shape is not the only thing that matters here. Look at it carefully and you will find there is one small drawer with a knob. The table design also comes with open, big and round shelf below. Made of composite wood and finished with antique wall finish, it is certainly one sturdy piece that is stylish and elegant at the same time.

  1. Alaterre Rustic Natural Coffee Table

Alaterre Rustic Natural Coffee Table

Just because rectangular design is common, it does not mean that this rustic natural coffee table is too ordinary for us to choose. The design idea you see in the image does not make it look out of place. The furniture itself is quite a workmanship. It uses solid wood for its tabletop and metal for its legs as the support. Finished in rustic natural, it adds warmth in the room. Not to mention, we can’t ignore how elegant it looks in the image, right?

  1. Deco 79 Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Deco 79 Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

There is more than one round table to choose out there. Sure, it is great to have one designed with drawers and shelves. However, it is not wrong to go with one complete round table. This table is one of the kinds. It is made of reclaimed wood, of course and it’s got textured finish. Even with natural color, it makes good piece for vintage or rustic style of home design. It is as long as you know how to include the furniture in the room design idea.

  1. Festnight Antique Square Coffee Table

Festnight Antique Square Coffee Table

The next reclaimed wood coffee table is simple, square one. This table is designed in antique style. Still, it could make timeless accessory for your home. You don’t have to question it. Reclaimed wood is surprisingly beautiful despite being material rescued from old buildings. It is usually solid, so you can be sure that the furniture is stable and durable. Get the matching color needed for your home design. It varies from one piece to another.

  1. Belham Living Drum Side Coffee Table

Belham Living Drum Side Coffee Table

This is quite a unique choice we have here. With drum design in mind, they make coffee table this interesting. It’s got circular tabletop with riveted edge. Of course, that very tabletop is that of authentic, reclaimed wood material. To support it, they design steel frame with a dark finish. It comes with open, airy space below it. It might not be good for storage use, but the overall look of the piece itself is quite flattering for sure.

  1. Festnight Vintage Rustic Coffee Table

Festnight Vintage Rustic Coffee Table

The last reclaimed wood coffee table we have to offer this time basically applies the common rectangular shape, but it’s got some nice touch to it too. Designed as 2-tiered table, you can use the top to place cups of coffee, while the storage below can be meant to store books and magazines more. It might have that typical rough look of reclaimed furniture, but the metal edge gives solid support and solid look to ensure its stability.

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