10 Sliding Glass Door Blinds that Are Functional Yet Make Beautiful Piece for Home Design

At first, we might need home furnishings and the kinds for their functionality only. However, as home design is more valued these days, more people are looking for beautiful pieces to beautify their home with. Well, you don’t have to actually sacrifice the functionality to gain the beauty. There are many pieces that can offer both at the same time. You can even expect such thing from sliding glass door blinds. Let’s see about it below.

10 Functional and Beautiful Door Blinds

Normally, we would use certain treatment for glass window. However, with the use of glass door nowadays, people think of using the same treatment for it. You can use curtain to treat the glass door with, but blinds can be used just the same. They might be known as window cover made of cloth, paper, or plastic pulled up or down by string. However, today there are vertical blinds to take into account too. Let us suggest options.

1. Chicology Adjustable Door Blinds

Chicology Adjustable Door Blinds

The first one we have here comes from Chicology. Coming as sliding glass door blinds, this piece is that of the vertical kind. It is made of naturally woven fabric and you can customize the size by adjusting the rail and the panels. Despite what it is made of and how it is done though, this piece offers modern upgrade to the blind. It works great to give privacy without completely blocking the light. The blind is naturally beautiful as well.

2. Rose Home Thermal Insulated Blind

Rose Home Thermal Insulated Blind

How about this one from Rose Home Fashion then? This is quality choice we have here, but whether or not it is best for you it depends on your needs. If you are looking for one that can significantly reduce the light, we highly recommend this piece for you. It is blackout type with darker color. It is thermal insulated too, making it perfect to keep both heat and cold outside. Despite looking dark, we can’t ignore how elegant this piece is too.

3. Chicology Eclipse Alpaca Vertical Blind

Chicology Eclipse Alpaca Vertical Blind

This one is quite similar with the first one we have earlier. However, it is made of blackout 100% polyester fabric instead of the naturally woven one. You don’t have to worry about the size too. Chicology makes sure that the buyers can customize the size to fit their needs. The rail is available in range of size, while the panels can be cut to length. Of course, this adjustable sliding door blind gives modern touch to the blinds and home too.

4. Lewis Hayman Privacy Panel Shade

Lewis Hayman Privacy Panel Shade

Just like the door blinds with panels before, this vertical sliding door blind has its panels rolling from left to right. You just need a wand to control its movement. When we have to use cord to do so, today we can go cordless. This new system sure is perfect for modern home design. Well, this blind might have been one made of real flatstick bamboo. However, it can give natural touch to modern home and make it fresh and nice somehow.

5. Chicology Mountain Snow Door Blind

Chicology Mountain Snow Door Blind

We have another option of sliding glass door blinds here. This time, it is one made of 60% paper and 40% polyester. Meanwhile, the fabric used is sheer, polyester yarn, and nylon. It might have been different product than the rest of its kind. However, Chicology also makes this piece available for sale with customizable size. If you look at the image above, you see how flawless it looks in the room. It gives modern touch to natural home.

6. BrylaneHome Embossed Vertical Blinds

BrylaneHome Embossed Vertical Blinds

Let’s look at one piece from different manufacturer this time. This piece we suggest to you here is that of one from plastic. Just because it is plastic, it does not mean that it will be too fragile to use. Let us tell you that BrylaneHome makes sure that this blind is solid enough for you. Speaking about its look, this is one casual styled door blind. It fits nicely for either contemporary or traditional home design. You will see how friendly it can look.

7. Petra Outdoor Roll Up Window Blind

Petra Outdoor Roll Up Window Blind

For those who want to reduce the sunlight glare, it is one of the best choices to consider. Unlike the blinds we have been talking about so far, it comes with cord and rolls up and down to open and close. Made of woven polyethylene, it is certainly light yet durable at the same time. Of course, the overall look of this roll up glass door blind is sleek and stylish. With earthy walls and pillars between the glass doors, it will fit in there just perfectly.

8. Chicology Seaside White Vertical Blind

Chicology Seaside White Vertical Blind

We have another kind of sliding glass door blinds from Chicology here. It is not that of the same blind, of course. The fabric is naturally woven and is made of paper, jute, polyester yarn, and non-woven backing. Still, it is Chicology we are talking about here. They make sure that even this blind is customizable in size. You can adjust the rail and the panels depending on your needs. You will love how modern it looks for sweet home design.

9. Redi Shade Light Filtering Paper Blind

Redi Shade Light Filtering Paper Blind

Not all people are in the need of blocking the sunlight completely. Sometimes, they prefer having soft light coming in. If that is the case with you, this paper blind could make a good choice. It will do the job to filter the light softly. With it, you get both protection and privacy. You don’t have to worry about the material too. It might have used paper, but it is durable type that won’t be damaged by sun exposure, like turning yellow or cracking.

10. Bali Blinds Crown White Vertical Blind

Bali Blinds Crown White Vertical Blind

Did you need room darkening instead? If so, this one of sliding glass door blinds should make the pick. It does not only work great to block the sunlight, but it is also resistant to moisture. You will find it easy to maintain it. This blind is also one of the kinds that do not come with cord. It is operated by wand control, so you will have nothing to worry since your kids or pets would not have the means to play with the door blind anymore.

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